Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day Two...

Well... I accidentally skipped a chapter in Kathy Freston's 21 Day Wellness Cleanse and today's lesson is all about caffeine and it's effects. Sound familiar? So, I'll skip the chapter synopses and just blather.

Last night after work I decided to roast some chestnuts. Last year, around Christmas, a colleague of mine let me try one of his home made roasted chestnuts. It was awesome... or at least that's how I remember it. After purchasing some nuts at a Portuguese bakery (as was suggested to me by my colleague, a son of Portugal), I let them sit for a few days while I delved into the depths of the Internet to find the perfect recipe.

Turns out, all that delving was useless... most everyone agrees on how to make these seasonal nuggets.

After slitting a small 'x' into the rounded side of the nut, either soak the chestnut in water for a few hours, or bring them to a quick boil in a generous amount of water (I went with boiling, it was after midnight already). As soon as whichever water treatment chosen is complete; turn dried chestnuts onto a baking dish or cast iron skillet which has been preheated to approx 375 degrees. Bake, or roast for 25-35 mins,. checking for doneness (I had no idea what 'doneness' was supposed to look like- so I just waited for the smell).

After you have removed the nuts from heat, and allowed them to cool until they are touchable (like me) and peel back the hard outer shell (like me). Be sure to remove the inner husk as well. My sources on the inter-web say that if the inner husk is hard to remove, or excessively furry (like their outdoor exteriors), that they should be discarded and considered foul (like me).

They taste decidedly less amazing this year than last. To make sure I am not suffering from palate amnesia... I brought the chestnuts to work, where they were sampled by some castagna (chestnut in Italian) experts. (FYI :Kastana in greek). The girls gave the nuts a thumbs up... so the recipe was apparently spot on.

I can see how they might be good in a stuffing, or as a meat replacement in a sauce (might give that a go later this week), but on their own... not a lot of flavour happening. I tossed mine with some bran oil and kosher salt. Meh.

Lunch was pretty much same as yesterday (no time to prep- all food time consumed by chestnut affair). Today was brown rice and roasted asparagus and broccoli with balsamic and oil with pineapple for dessert. Again, meh.

I did the 'lean in' meditation last night in bed. I was doing ok and feeling very relaxed and affirmed... but then I heard from the other plane of existence that the Espada and La Flor teams were merging and I rose back to the surface to make sure my Marty would be safe.

I have consumed another 3 litres of unsweetened tea and water so far... GLUG.

I am really trying to use the food in my fridge and freezer to ameliorate my meals, it's amazing how many items have gluten and animal products it them. Label reading is tedious... but I think it's a weird sort of fun. I think I'm a grocery nerd.

Do you have any embarrassing food traits?

Do you meditate successfully?



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