Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 4...

Better day today!

Woke up late (lucky me, could sleep in) and felt much better than yesterday morning. Wasn't hungry at all either.

Last night's meditation was not all that successful... I just can't get on the spiritual plane. I did take the time to think about my day and what I had done successfully and what I struggled with. I'm hoping this is the general idea. Kathy wants us to visualize the person we want to be and project that image out into the universe so that as an existing persona... it's attainable. I'm not even sure yet what a really happy, successful me looks like yet (not in a sad or pathetic way, just an unimaginative way) - I just kept thinking about Angelina Jolie. Sounds ridiculous right? I know how much that girl has struggled with family and emotional issue.... but that hot tamale really seems to have her shit tight now! So, that's where I'm starting, Ms. Pitt and I at opposite ends of the spectrum. Maybe for now I'll just work at narrowing the gap.

Went out for a nice afternoon with my Da.. and he treated me to lunch! We went for Viet/Thai (healthy choice for both of us) and it was great! Normally we head to Harvey's or a pub for our lunch dates, so this was a great opportunity for us to have some healthy food, no beer and a great time together.

He's sort of watching what he eats these days ( I emphasize SORT OF) and HE made the choice to go for some Pho. Woot Woot Da!

Big Man had some beef pho and spring rolls and I had fresh tofu rolls and mango salad.

I was so full from my two rolls and a small serving of the salad, that I took the rest home and had it at work with some more fresh coriander and mixed it with half a head of Napa cabbage.

I bought my groceries at the asian market and 3 HEAPING bags of groceries (mostly veg) cost $33! Sobeys who? I picked up some packs of veggies that are totally unknown to me... and when I left I had remembered the names perfectly so I could look them up when I got home. Honestly, not even one set of lights away... totally erased from memory. I figure I'll just stir fry them... can't go too wrong.

Today's lesson in the 21 Day Wellness Cleanse is just a reminder of the three days that have passed and a little pat on the back for staying on track. Heck... I can do 4 days of just about anything. As I've mentioned before... it's the staying power that's the problem. Hence the 21 day project.... I can't fail if I don't set unrealistic expectations. One of my challenges will be learning to discipline myself, LOL.

My meditation for today is "I open my eyes do that I might heal". Will do that at bedtime.

Won't be able to blog until Monday night.. so I'll let you know that I'll recap day 5 and 6 then. Day 5's lesson is about exercise (groan... I know I know, Kathy) and 6 is about a break from alcohol.

I'll be cooking tomorrow... so look forward to some pics of that debauchery!



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