Tuesday, November 2, 2010

And Away We Go....

So I have tried this before, the results, I can admit, were mixed.

I find blogging to be cathartic and forces me to be accountable. Even if my audience was never vast (but very loyal... thanks guys), I knew that someone at some point would read it and that gave me a feeling of responsibility. Like most things I endeavour to do, once I decided to 'take a break for a few days'... I was a lost cause.

One of the things I blogged about in Champies, was identifying the types of habits you have and using those traits to help you stay on course. Some people are abstainers and some are moderators. I have proven to myself that I am a capital "A" abstainer. To be clear... I am not very good at abstaining, but have reached much more success in avoiding things than trying to mete them out.

In attempt to make meaningful changes in my life, I have decided to take manageable chunks and tasks and work in 3 week increments. My challenges will include a variety of physical and mental tasks and plans. I will be selecting the plans as prescribed by experts in the appropriate field. Almost all topics I am interested in have a 'jump start' day plan to get you started.

My first goal is the 21 day Quantum Wellness Cleanse authored by Kathy Freston.

I am doing a 'ramp up' day today.. and will write my first entry on the plan tomorrow as well as brief synopsis of the cleanse and my goals for the next 21 days!

Whatever template I come up with for tomorrow's blog (Day One, Project One) will be something that can be used for all of my Fresh Start entries.

I'll be thinking of all the fabulous things to discuss with you as I chomp on some fruit and stay at work late to avoid "wine time" tonight!


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