Friday, November 5, 2010

Day Three....

Chapter 3's lesson is all about visualization and meditation.

I haven't done this yet today, fancy it as more of a bedtime endeavour. I'll let you know tomorrow night how it goes.

Onwards... Woke up feeling really great this morning! Quite a bit of energy and pep in my step. A small problem with my commuting now (going green), is that it takes 2 hrs to get to work, so breakfast is not really a priority for me. I drink about a litre and a half of whatever decaffeinated tea I brewed the night before (tip- if you are having a cup o' herbal before bed instead of wine ((I pity you)) like me, make a pot instead of a cup and put the leftovers in a pitcher or jar) and that seems to keep me going until I get to work. As soon as I arrive, however, SOMETHING must be consumed.

I know there are quite a few tactics to solve this morning eating problem, but I am truly not really hungry until I settle down into work! Tomorrow will be a good test as I can sleep in and don't have to run out of the house and get hustling.

Here's lunch:

A plate of polenta I made last night with vegetable broth and nutritional yeast in lieu of cheese, along with crushed tomatoes and a sliced tomato baked with some broccoli.

This polenta was pretty awesome, considering it didn't have cheese or cream in it (the standard). The tomato slices helped and the sauce really sweetened up when baked. I was going to use some jarred pasta sauce, but checked the ingredients (love it) and indeed there was dextro- something in the first 15 ingredients.... no sugar means no dextro anything!

Dinner was roasted asparagus and a quarter of pineapple. I was so spoiled during the summer at the farmer's market with asparagus, that the currently available flimsy stalks just don't compare. One of my upcoming 21 day challenges will be a 100 mile locavore trial, and I am going to try to push it to summer... just for those emerald spears of love.

On a side note.. my skin has BLOWN UP! I know Ms. Freston has promised clearer skin, but I am hoping that I am just going through some sort of toxin exorcism! It's really ridiculous- I look like I've been eating (and not just thinking about) fried double cheese panzerottis all week... not the bounties of the earth. I might be jumping the gun a bit... after all, a CLEANSE is indeed to rid yourself of the poisons. Maybe my skin has just jumped on the train a little early- it's channeling Steve McQueen and depositing little humps of dirt everywhere planning for The Great Escape... the final purge.

Have you ever found your skin reacts to your diet so quickly?

Other than drinking boatloads of water... any suggestions what to do?



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